2020: New construction, New Models

2020: New construction, New Models

2019 was a year of new developments.  We switched from bamboo to urethane for our sidewalls.   We can also now create base and cores that align perfectly during pressing.  The new sidewall tech has boosted the quality of our build process and our finished boards.  We named it Gnarwalls, because we can add fun colors and additives like glitter or glow-in-the-dark powder. 

Bamboo provided good rebound from flex, creating pop.  We now use carbon fiber netting in diamond patterns, hence the name Diamond Pop.  A layer of carbon in 1inch or 1/2 inch diamonds is underneath the core, adding spring back and retaining the pop our boards are known for.  


For 2020 we changed the shape of our Park Stik line.  The tips have been altered while retaining the hull of the board that has been our flag-ship board.  


We also have a new powder board!  Sketched in 2011, finally developed in 2018-2019:  the Treestyle: a directional, tapered, short 149cm semi-twin with its surface area maximized between and just outside the feet, the parts of the board you're riding when you "float" on powder.  Starting with a 26.5cm waist, a super tight 6.1m sidecut widens the board more under the binding zones, then blends into the tip and tail.  This board provides float combined with maneuverability and is extremely fun for resort pow days.  

Specs and pricing for new boards will be available on the site soon!