The YT 1350 Superstretch: Hand Made in NJ/NH/PA

The YT 1350 Superstretch: Hand Made in NJ/NH/PA


July 4th, 2015, I watched as my mother succumbed to cancer.  My house had just sold, and we had packed up our entire shop into storage.  Plans for new work space were taking forever.  I was and still am happily married, and have family and friends, and shred.  Don't get me wrong, life went on and it was still great, but there was a definite void.  

Sometimes it's the empty spaces in life that get filled with the good stuff.  I was sketching board shapes in a tiny notepad.  Everyone has gotten creative with tip shapes these last few years.  Suddenly it hit me.  I sketched it very roughly, as good as my untrained sketch brain could, and contacted Chuck Maclean in NH...



Chuck made the actual graphic, and we decided to collab and make it a board also tributing the Dig My Quiver group from Facebook.  

Chuck provided a base graphic.  I joined a local makerspace and learned to use their Shopbot CNC.  I procured a Donek D2 drag knife and learned to make base diecuts and interlocking base parts. 


You can see from that base shape that the plan was a square tip. The ship shape would be cut out after.  I did it this way because our graphic can shift sometimes during pressing, and I didn't know at the time of I'd have more than one chance. 

I contacted Ryan at Homewood Snowboards.  Ryan printed my top graphics and allowed us to spend a day at his shop to assemble four of these badass rides.  Here are some exerpts from our day at Homewood:






We left Homewood with four square tipped boards.  Dave and I picked our own, and Chuck received one he chose.  The fourth was auctioned and raised $900 for Hoods to Woods and SHRED Foundations :). 

I took mine and the one from the auction (at winner's request) and shaped them the same.   The rest of the photos tell the rest of the story.  So beyond stoked at not just the looks but the ride itself.  It looks like its going to hook the  nose everywhere but it's BEEN everywhere with zero hangups!  Its a super fast, super carving and all mountain and park destroyer.  Maybe some day we will make another one :)