Gnarly State Park Stik (built to order)

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*Built to order.  Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. *

Build time takes 1-2 weeks, plus shipping.


**Bases are die-cut or sublimated. Base colors of Logo base will vary depending on color availability. Top and base colors also vary between your device screen and actual product**


The Gnarly State Park Stik:  Twin-tip, centered stance board with full freestyle and all around mountain shredding capabilities.  Micrognarockamber allows this medium flexing board to press out butters and slides, while still retaining tons of ollie power with the added pop from bamboo sidewalls.  Overshoot jumps to tail without fear of washing out, squeeze a stylish nose press, and carve the mountain apart with a sintered base that is hot waxed by hand!!  

Available in 3 lengths (150, 155, NEW 157) and 2 widths:  Narrow and Wide



The Blak Sheep SquADHDron:  Art by Nache Ramos.  This graphic was done to celebrate and thank many of our past and current Blak Sheep board riders!  

The Shiz-knit: Art by Chuck Maclean.  Every shred day is a holiday.  Stay warm and cozy.  Pose for pics with the shred family.  Spill hot cocoa or add sleighbells to enhance the experience!

Planetary Sheevrons:  Original art by Matt Behre, digitized by Matt, Doug Smith, and Brian Nievez.  Sol and Jupiter are Blak Sheep too!  Help them pick the right colors to paint their solar-system.

Base Graphics:

The Blak Sheep SquADHDron:  Art by Nache Ramos.  A nice die-cut base to compliment the SquADHDron top.  Available only in combination with the SquADHDron top.

Logo: Created by Doug Smith.  No fancy theory or training applied here.  The only constraint was to have a logo that when die-cut, resulted in a minimal amount of pieces to pick or swap.  6 pieces is pretty darn simple. :)


Gnarly State Park Stik Dimensions
All Dimensions in mm
Board 150 150W 155 155W 157
Overall Length 1500 1500 1550 1550 1570
Running Length 1140 1140 1170 1170 1175
Nose/Tail Length 180 180 190 190 185
Nose/Tail Width 293 298 296 300 300
Waist Width  247 252 250.5 254.5 252
Sidecut Radius 7250 7250 7900 7900 7600
Stance Width 560 560 580 580 580
Stance Setback 0 0 0 0 0