Keith Wallace Duckboy Pro 158

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Pre-order one of the first 10 Keith Wallace Duckboy Pro 158 decks! 

$100 from every sale will be donated to the SHRED Foundation

*Limit 1 per order, per person.  Please allow 6-10 weeks for delivery.  Covid has increased lead times of all suppliers.  We will be ordering some of the materials with the pre-order funds.  Build will likely begin about two weeks from the offering of this pre-order*

**Bases are die-cut.  Base colors will vary depending on color availability. Top and base colors also vary between your device screen and actual product**

Keith Wallace is probably one of the most revered riders from the early to mid 90's to never receive a pro model.  That time has come. 

Twin-tip, centered stance board with full freestyle and all around mountain shredding capabilities.  Micrognar rocker-camber allows this medium flexing board to press out butters and slides, while still retaining ollie power with the added pop from Diamond Pop carbon fiber reinforcements.  Overshoot jumps to tail without fear of washing out, squeeze a stylish nose press, and carve the mountain apart with a deep sidecut and sintered base that is hot waxed by hand!!

What's inside:

Wood Core:  A blend of vertically laminated Poplar and Aspen for ideal strength and flex. 
Gnarwalls:  90A durometer hardness urethane seamless sidewalls.   An impenetrable wall protecting the core, paid for by the tears of skiers. 
20 oz/sq.yd. Triaxial Fiberglass above and below the core.  
Diamond Pop:  Carbon fiber stringers in a diagonal criss-crossed diamond shaped pattern.  Provides a pinch more edge to edge power and pop at the tips. 
2cm x 4cm spaced M6 inserts.   The industry standard.  
Crown Plastics Sintered die-cut base.  
Entropy Resins CPM Epoxy.  20% bio based blend.  We've tested this epoxy and it is just as good as our previous type.  Entropy has slowly become widely used throughout the snowboard and ski industry.  
Isosport Nylon topsheet with sublimated graphics. 


Top:  The Duckboy figure and logo were initially created by Chuck McLean.  Jeremy Deming created the mountains-to-ocean graphic, based on a sketch by Keith.  Chuck's Duckboy figure was modified into Jeremy's style to fit the scene.  The graphic is sublimated onto an Isosport nylon gloss top sheet. 
Base:  Die-Cut base Crown sintered base, featuring a nod to an iconic deck with the addition of Keith's home state.  Two styles:  black w/white lettering and white with black lettering.

Keith Wallace Duckboy Pro Dimensions
All Dimensions in mm

Overall Length 1575
Running Length 1175
Nose/Tail Length 185
Nose/Tail Width 300
Waist Width  252
Sidecut Radius 7600
Stance Width 570
Stance Setback 0