Treestyle 149

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New powder board!  Sketched in 2011, finally developed in 2018-2019:  the 2021 Treestyle: a directional, tapered, short 149cm semi-twin with its surface area maximized between and just outside the feet, the parts of the board you're riding when you "float" on powder.  Starting with a 26.7cm waist, a super tight 6.1m sidecut widens the board more under the binding zones, then blends into the tip and tail.  This board provides float combined with maneuverability and is extremely fun for resort pow days.  


Length:                149.0 cm

Nose Width:          30.0 cm

Waist Width:         26.7 cm

Tail Width:             29.0 cm

Taper:                       1.0 cm

Sidecut Radius:   6100 cm

Stance Widths:    19 - 24 inches

Stance Setback:        5 cm (~2 inches)